3D City Models

Using virtual 3D city models, complex spatial and temporal developments can be clearly documented and visualized. A 3D city model or environmental model is easier to understand and interpret for the participants than detailed project descriptions and, for example, plans by city developers and planners, architects and engineers.

Virtual 3D city models are almost barrier-free information systems for experiencing a wide variety of situations in local, urban and regional areas. Based on the pure visualization of building models on the basis of actual location, altitude and environmental information, very complex topics can be experienced by enriching the base model with additional facts and technical data and so can be interactively influenced and controlled like energy computation and simulation, planning and development situations or, for example, experiencing historical situations with virtual or augmented reality components.

We offer you the full range of service for the entire value chain of 2D and 3D geoinformation systems like support, planning and implementation. Starting with the analysis, consulting, planning, monitoring of the implementation up to the introduction of the systems and training your employees. With our knowledge and experience we can cover all aspects of the entire project realization.

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